Real performance defined

Motorsport enthusiasts have a big problem. Fashion wheels dressed up as performance wheels have flooded the market. These are under-engineered parts that overpromise and under deliver. And they are everywhere.

The word “Performance” has been hijacked and watered down. With no watchdogs, little regulation, and almost nothing in the way of objective facts, buyers are easy prey.

“Performance” shouldn’t be tossed around lightly

It should mean something real. Something that’s tested and backed up by cold hard numbers. It’s time to draw a line in the sand, and separate fact from fiction. We call it Real Performance. And it’s the hill we’re willing to die on.

Discover how serious the problem really is.

Industry myths

  • The wheel industry is well regulated.

    False: There are no meaningful regulations or testing requirements in the USA, and only a few foreign countries have requirements.

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  • It’s easy to verify the claims and test results of wheel manufacturers.

    False: There is little to no transparency. Very little data is public and there is no public database to look up results. You’re asked to trust even the smallest and newest brands that pop-up.

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  • All wheel manufacturers conduct real world tests of their designs.

    False: Many companies skip testing completely, and some falsely claim they’re tested.

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  • You can easily compare performance between wheels and brands.

    False: Size and weight and material can be, but performance is hard as the industry lacks metrics for communicating effective performance.

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  • Lighter wheels are engineered better

    False: Wheel manufacturers often compromise the strength and stiffness of a design in order to lower advertised weights, which can lead to failure. One of many shortcuts taken to make a quick buck.

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