Are you located in the Bay Area? Are you also on Apex wheels? You may qualify for a photoshoot.

We are always looking to showcase vehicles on our wheels whether it's a street car, dedicated race car, or anything else in between! We are seeking volunteers that would be willing to let us create content and develop media assets. This may include usage on social media, website, paid media, and other marketing purposes.

If you live in the greater Bay Area and would like to volunteer your vehicle, please submit the form below. Those who qualify for the photoshoot may be contacted by one of our team members once the application is filled out. If you're not immediately contacted, we still have records of your submission and may reach out in the future. If you are selected, as a thank you we will provide significant discount on purchasing a set of our wheels.


  • Must be willing to travel to our HQ in Pleasanton, CA
  • Be available with the vehicle during the photoshoot which usually takes a few hours