BMW 4 Series Wheels

Apex has been producing BMW 4 series wheels since the model launched with the F chassis. With the more aggressive styling of the 2 door and grand coupe models, Apex 4 series wheels were a natural fit with their purpose-built offsets and meaty tires. The aesthetics of our highly optimized Forged wheels have been extremely popular with designs like the VS-5RS, EC-7RS, and SM-10RS. Our Flow Formed ARC-8s, EC-7s, and SM-10s are also a great option for owners looking to run a more affordable wheel option without sacrificing quality. Our huge range of 4 series wheels gives you a myriad of ways to increase performance and improve the look of your BMW.

  • F32 F33 F36 Wheels

    Trims: 418i, 418d, 420i, 420d, 425d, 428i, 430i, 430d, 435i, 435d, 440i

  • G22 G23 G26 Wheels

    Trims: 420i, 420i xDrive, 420d, 420d xDrive, 430i, 430i xDrive, 430d xDrive, M440i, M440i xDrive, M440d xDrive