Here at Apex we share our customers passion for motorsports, those that push the limits of their machine daily and redefine what is possible. Our mission is to not only meet the highest industry standards, but surpass them by providing our customers a spectrum of quality products and a customer service experience that is unmatched. At Apex we empower our customers by trickling down the latest product knowledge and technical expertise.

In effort to achieve a strong network of experts, we take pride in carefully selecting dealers throughout the world that are the best in the business. Apex believes in quality over quantity. Our program is setup to promote long term relationships with hands on dealers, rather than those looking for short term success through heavy discounting. Since 2007, Apex has been built on industry-leading knowledge and customer service practices. It’s for this reason we demand our products are sold through knowledgeable and trusted resellers with a strong presence in their local motorsports community.

Apex offers different types of partnerships depending on the size, reach, and focus of your business.

Silver Dealer

Our Silver level dealership is best suited for qualified candidates that seek to acquire APEX product to satisfy a current customer inquiry, but may not have the resources or current customer base to purchase multiple sets of wheels. We strive to build consistent and long term working relationships, therefore if your APEX sales ramp up over the first 12 months this dealership account may be upgraded to our Gold level.


  • No wheel set buy-in requirement


  • Dealer portal access to check live inventory levels, product pricing, order status and order history
  • Marketing and website integration support with product photography and detailed wheel descriptions
  • Inside information on new and upcoming products
  • Drop-shipping is not permitted
  • Upgrade to Gold level dealership and bypass its buy-in requirement when you purchase 5 sets / 20 wheels within the first 12 months of becoming an active APEX dealer

Gold Dealer

A vast majority of our dealer network is comprised of Gold level dealerships. The primary focus of this business is to offer a variety of in-house services from track/race preparation, fabrication and/or general service and maintenance to their local performance driving community.


  • 3 wheel set (12 wheels) buy-in requirement


  • Same as Silver Dealers in addition to:
    • Deeper discount structure
    • Customer referrals
    • Exclusive access to new parts and promotions for shop/project cars
    • Drop-shipping is not permitted

Premier Dealer

The Premier level dealership is valuable to businesses which not only provide in-house services through one or more brick & mortar locations, but also offer a range of products through a strong e-commerce platform. Drop shipping products would be a vital component to the dealers ability to successfully reach a large and diverse customer base.


  • 25 wheel set (100 wheels) buy-in requirement
  • Annual sales quota requirement


  • Same as Silver and Gold Dealers in addition to:
    • Deepest discount structure
    • Drop-shipping available for all orders with no fee
    • Co-op marketing with the potential for subsides