Apex Wheels 18" SM-10RE in Anthracite

SM-10RE Wheels

Because strength and stiffness matters.

The SM-10RE is the forged Enduro version of our popular SM-10 design. It features our highest load rating and our strongest lip, allowing it to withstand abuse, lap after lap.

Finish: Anthracite



SM-10RE Highlights

  • Fully forged 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Stronger 2100 lb. load rating
  • Stiffer side-milled spokes
  • Heavy-duty Enduro Spec inner lip
  • Capless hub design to reduce weight
  • Massive brake clearance
  • Unmatched replacement program
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Independently tested

SM-10RE Specifications

Wheel Size
18x10" ET25
Face Profile
Profile 3
Bolt Pattern
Center Bore
Centering Ring
N/A Direct fit
Lug Seat
60 Degree Conical
Center Cap
Load Rating
2,100 lbs
21.1 lbs
Tested By
Test Reference #
Front Profile

SM-10RE Gallery

  • White BMW M2 - SM-10RE in Anthracite
  • Silver Porsche 911 - SM-10RE in Anthracite
  • Red Chevrolet Corvette - SM-10RE in Satin Black

Fitment Help

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Sizes & Prices

Bolt Pattern / Center BoreSizeFace ProfileWeight (lbs)Load Rating (lbs)MSRPAvailability
5x120 / 72.56 18x10" ET25 3 21.1 2100 $659 Pre-Order
5x120 / 72.56 18x11" ET44 3 21.8 2100 $679 Pre-Order
5x120 / 72.56 18x11" ET25 4 22.3 2100 $679 Pre-Order
5x120 / 72.56 19x9.5" ET22 3 21.6 2100 $779 Pre-Order
5x120 / 72.56 19x10" ET25 3 22.2 2100 $789 Pre-Order
5x120 / 72.56 19x11" ET44 3 22.6 2100 $809 Pre-Order
Bolt Pattern / Center BoreSizeFace ProfileWeight (lbs)Load Rating (lbs)MSRPAvailability
5x120.65 / 70.3 18x11" ET57 1 22.2 2100 $719 Pre-Order
5x120.65 / 70.3 18x12" ET46 3 22.5 2100 $739 Pre-Order
5x120.65 / 70.3 18x13" ET56 3 23.9 2100 $759 Pre-Order
Bolt Pattern / Center BoreSizeFace ProfileWeight (lbs)Load Rating (lbs)MSRPAvailability
5x130 / 71.6 18x9" ET46 1 20.3 2100 $699 Pre-Order
5x130 / 71.6 18x10" ET36 2 21.0 2100 $719 Pre-Order
5x130 / 71.6 18x10.5" ET44 2 21.0 2100 $729 Pre-Order
5x130 / 71.6 19x9" ET48 1 21.2 2100 $829 Pre-Order
5x130 / 71.6 19x11" ET48 3 22.7 2100 $869 Pre-Order
Center Lock 19x9.5" ET50 1 21.8 2100 $899 Pre-Order
Center Lock 19x12" ET46 3 24.4 2100 $949 Pre-Order
Bolt Pattern / Center BoreSizeFace ProfileWeight (lbs)Load Rating (lbs)MSRPAvailability
5x130 / 71.6 18x9" ET41 1 20.7 2100 $759 Pre-Order
5x130 / 71.6 18x10.5" ET47 2 21.2 2100 $789 Pre-Order

SM-10RE Features

Our Strongest Wheels

Most motorsport wheel designs prioritize reducing weight over increasing strength, but some applications require extra strength. High grip tires and lots of downforce put extra strain on wheels. Pair that with a faster driver and regular load ratings are not enough. The SM-10RE is about 30% stronger than the RS version.

Flow Formed
21.0 1550
Sprint Line
18.6 1600
Enduro Line
21.1 2100
  • Wheel Weight (lbs)
  • Load Rating (lbs)

Stiffer Spokes

Wheel stiffness matters but it gets overlooked and undiscussed. The redesigned spokes of the SM-10RE are about 20-25% stiffer than the Sprint Line version. Stiffer spokes help reduce camber loss, which reduces outer edge tire wear and improves feel and responsiveness.

Enduro Sprint

    Toughest Inner Lip

    Introducing the Enduro™ spec inner lip - our strongest ever. With 50% more reinforcement, these wheels are better-protected against the harsh conditions found on (and off) track.


    More reinforcement

    than a standard inner lip

    Reinforced Front Lip

    We added extra material in the front lip for more durability so you can keep attacking those berms. You can easily spot the beefed up design of an Enduro lip vs. the lightweight lip on a Sprint Line wheel.

    10K Tons of Pressure

    To make our forged wheels the strongest we can, we applied as much pressure as possible using a 10,000 ton forge. This extreme pressure increases the strength of the aluminum by eliminating porosity and improving the grain structure.


    True Motorsport Blanks

    Many companies use 3rd-party blanks intended for non-motorsport wheels which can severely limit sizes, concavity, spoke design, and critical brake clearance. We designed our very own blank profiles from scratch to give us total control over the final product.

    Side-Milled Spokes

    One of the most prominent features of the SM-10RE is the extra wide and deep side-milled spokes. Any excess material that doesn’t add strength is carved out using a precision CNC ball cutter. This allows our endurance wheels to be surprisingly light for their strength. Side-milling is often deemed cost-prohibitive by others, but for true performance without compromise we believe it's essential.

    Weight Optimized

    We conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to reinforce high-stress areas and to remove material where it didn’t improve strength. The result is a significantly stronger wheel with a minimal weight penalty over their RS counterparts.

    Independently Tested

    We don't rely solely on computer simulations or unverifiable in-house testing. We believe independent testing is critical to protect consumers in this unregulated industry. Our Enduro Line wheels are independently tested by ITS at their Michigan facility following JWL standards but pushed to much higher loads and much longer durations.

    Big Brake Clearance

    From day one, Apex has been on a mission to build wheels that clear big brakes. These Enduro Line wheels are the product of everything we’ve developed over the past 15+ years. We utilize 3D scans to produce vehicle-specific spoke profiles, and our wheels feature an innovative high-clearance barrel design.

    Deeper Concavity

    Our new forgings were redesigned to create extra deep, concave spoke profiles. Their new shape allows us to make any profile, from flat to deep and everything in between, each optimized for a specific application using 3D laser scans of factory and aftermarket brake kits.

    Paintless Knurled Bead

    Whether it’s a day at the track or months of street driving, repeated hard braking and acceleration can make a tire slip along the bead seat and go out of balance, causing vibration. Knurled beads help, but are less effective when painted over. Our forged line features unpainted knurled beads that stay sharp and maximize grip.

    Paintless Barrel

    To be as light as possible, and to reduce rotational inertia, we removed paint from the outer barrel. It’s only a fraction of a pound but it’s in an area that has the biggest impact on acceleration and deceleration, so it packs a bigger punch vs. the same weight savings near the center of the wheel. These small tweaks add up.

    Capless Hub Design

    We know most track day organizations ask for center caps to be removed. To further reduce weight that doesn’t directly correlate to strength, we incorporated a capless hub design on Enduro™ Line wheels in our pursuit of Real Performance.

    Built for Impact Sockets

    Track wheels need track tools. Don’t settle for wheels that require undersized tuner lugs or thin walled sockets. All Apex wheels accommodate over-sized race lugs and impact sockets to make swapping wheels lightning fast.


    Socket Diameter Clearance

    Outer Lip Pocketing

    A lot of areas get extra thick when the load rating is raised to 2100 lb. By CNC machining ‘pockets’ between each spoke, our Engineers were able to further reduce weight from an area that has a high impact on rotational inertia.

    Laser-Engraved Specs

    As track enthusiasts ourselves, we know how frustrating it is to locate and decipher wheel specs that have been hastily marked on a wheel or become unreadable over time. Our Enduro wheels have laser-engraved specs on the barrel, in plain sight, making them easy to find and read.

    Compare for yourself

    Forged Enduro Line Forged Sprint Line Forged Touring Line Flow Formed Evolution Line Flow Formed Classic Line
    Manufacturing Forged Forged Forged Flow Formed Flow Formed
    Price* $659 - $679 $659 - $679 $619 $454 $379 - $389
    Weight (lbs)* 21.1 - 21.7 18.5 - 19.4 20.1 21.0 19.9 - 22.4
    Load Rating (lbs)* 2100 1600 1600 1550 1550
    Side-Milled Spokes
    Inner Lip Enduro Spec Sprint Spec Sprint Spec Reinforced Standard
    3rd Party Tested
    Brake Clearance Maximum Maximum High Maximum High
    Unpainted Knurled Bead
    Premium Finishes

    SM-10RE Warranty

    A Wheel You Can Depend On

    All Apex Wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty against defects in workmanship and materials, plus a 1 year finish warranty. Exchanges are fast, easy, and hassle-free.
    See terms and conditions.

    Accidental Damage

    Curb rash or pothole damage on the street? Make an oopsie at the track? We’ve all been there. APEX is proud to offer 50% off replacement wheels, no matter the damage.
    See terms and conditions.

    * All wheels compared with equivalent 18x10” ET25 5x120mm / 72.56mm fitment