Audi Wheels

While Audi Wheels are a somewhat recent addition to the Apex catalog, we’ve applied the same core performance and functionality standards represented in some of our longer standing markets to bring you uncompromised Audi wheel fitments across quite a few different chassis. With options available in everything from our Flow Formed SM-10 design, to our Forged VS-5RS and SM-10RS designs, our chassis-specific fitments offer a flush and aggressive appearance, while allowing you to run the widest tires possible on your Audi. Our Audi Wheels are also catered towards quite a few different applications, as well. With wheel options ranging from “OEM+” style fitments offering a guaranteed “plug and play” direct fit, to Performance Street and Track style fitments, designed to maximize overall wheel and tire size on a given vehicle, we have setups available for every type of Audi owner.