Porsche Boxster Wheels

A set of Boxster wheels from Apex are a great way to improve the aesthetics and performance of your two seat Porsche roadster. This is the car that started this modern era of water cooled vehicles from this legendary manufacturer. If you are looking to improve the performance or aesthetics of your boxster look no further than a set of Apex wheels. We started making Boxster wheels with the Flow Formed SM-10. This brought wider and lighter wheels to this model allowing you to run the widest tires possible improving overall grip and responsiveness. Moving up to the Forged Wheels like the VS-5RS, EC-7RS, and SM-10RS bring further weight reduction and features like the sprint spec inner lip to further aid strength. When trying to decide what Boxster wheels are right for you, we offer our detailed Fitment Guides along with one on one fitment and tire recommendations to help you achieve your goals.