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Forged Wheels

For the enthusiast who won’t settle for second best, our wide range of fully forged wheels wheel models are the pinnacle of the APEX catalog. Carved from 10K ton forged 6061-T6 aluminum, every one of our forged wheel designs start from a true motorsport blank. This larger starting point allows our engineers to optimize spoke design, maximize concavity, and retain material where it matters most. Despite the added cost in manufacturing and greater waste/recycled material, we feel this process is well worth the added strength and weight benefits for a truly optimized solution for every application.

One of the most recognizable features of our forged wheels is the deep side milling of the spokes, intended to create an optimal “I”-beam shape. Just like support beams in large buildings, the forces placed on a wheel spoke are mainly supported by the top and bottom of the structure. By carving away excess material from the sides through a time intensive CNC process, we’re left with a far lighter construction with nearly no decrease in spoke stiffness.

An exceptionally light wheel might look impressive on paper, but when you’re slamming into curbing out on track, you’ll need a wheel that isn’t just light, but one that is capable of taking abuse lap after lap. Rather than making the absolute lightest wheel our engineers are capable of, we retain a significant amount of material in areas that will experience the highest loads. Our Sprint Spec Inner lip is a prime example where material is used to create a thick channel profile with 32% more reinforcement, when compared to our flow formed classic line inner lip.

All APEX forged wheels boast the same feature set that give them an ideal blend of strength and lightness. Aside from appearance, the differences between the VS-5RS, the SM-10RS, and the EC-7RS comes down to spoke design, which result in varying levels of stiffness and final weight spec. The VS-5RS is the lightest model, while the EC-7RS is the stiffest. The SM-10RS splits the difference, creating a wheel even stiffer than the VS-5RS, while nearly matching or even undercutting the weight spec in select fitments.

While flow forming is certainly a cut above casting, a fully forged wheel goes a far step beyond when considering its weight to strength ratio. Benefiting from an optimally aligned grain structure in both the wheel face and barrel, the forging process creates a far stronger and longer lasting product. If you’re a hardcore track rat, racer, or simply won’t settle for second best, there is no substitute.

Forged Sprint Line

The lightest wheels we make. For those looking to shed as much weight as possible to improve lap times.