Mazda Wheels

Introducing Forged & Flow Formed Mazda wheels at Apex. Supporting great performance vehicles has been at the core of the Apex Wheels ethos since its inception. Of course Apex would provide a suite of wheels for such amazing sports cars such as the RX-7, RX-8, and Miata. Our lightweight Mazda wheels come in a variety of designs, from our Flow Formed SM-10 to our forged VS-5RS and SM-10RS. All lightweight, strong, and a meaningful upgrade over stock. Whether you’re looking for a mild OEM+ style fitment or looking to fit as much tire as possible with a Hardcore Track fitment, Apex has you covered. Apex also provides detailed Fitment Guides along with one-on-one fitment recommendations ensuring your next set of wheels will work with your other modifications and be a perfect fit for your Mazda.