Apex Wheels Replacement Program

From curb rash and pothole damage on your weekend drive, to bends and total destruction from driving hard on the race track - we've got you covered.

Apex is proud to offer 50% off replacement wheels, no matter the damage.

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How it Works

Step 1:

Buy Your Wheels

Wheels purchased new from APEX or an authorized dealer are automatically included in our replacement program for two years. (Sorry, private party sales do not qualify.)

Step 2:

Use Them & Abuse Them

Warranties in the wheel industry don't cover curb rash, bends, cracks, or other damage from use. We understand that mistakes happen, so drive with confidence knowing that our Replacement Program will cover any accidental damage.

Step 3:

Get Your Replacement

Fill out our online form, purchase your replacement wheel, and send the damaged one back to us. We ship the new wheel ASAP so you can get back on the track. Then once we receive the damaged wheel, you get a refund for 50% of MSRP.

Submit Replacement Request


What are the steps to submitting a claim?

To begin, please fill out our form by clicking the “Submit Replacement Request” button above. After you’ve filled out that form, you’ll be prompted to purchase a replacement wheel at full price. While your replacement wheel is being packed and shipped, a member of our customer service team will reach out to you and provide you with return paperwork to be included when returning your damaged wheel. Once you receive your replacement wheel, send the damaged wheel back to us. Our warehouse will process your damaged wheel into our system and we’ll send you a 50% refund soon after.

Will you really cover any damage?

Yes! We cover all types of damage under this program! Whether your wheels were destroyed in a crash on the street or track, bent or cracked by a pothole, scrapped or hopped a curb while exiting your local car meet, or was used in a backyard wheel toss competition with your friends, you’re covered!

Are all your wheels covered by this program?

Any wheel purchased as part of a set of four from APEX or an authorized APEX dealer is eligible for the wheel replacement program for two years. Each wheel from the original set can only be replaced once using the replacement program.

Are international customers eligible?

Yes, international purchases are eligible for the program. We help our international customers on a case by case basis and work out the logistics involved in getting them back on the road on a safe APEX replacement wheel. Although international claims are handled differently than domestic claims, the first step is to fill out the claim form above.

What about return shipping costs?

It is the customer’s responsibility to return the damaged wheel to us. You may ship it back using any shipping option you prefer or we can provide you with a discounted prepaid label. The cost of this label will be deducted from your return credit.

What are the full terms and conditions?

Full terms and conditions for the Wheel Replacement Program can be viewed here: https://apexwheels.com/customer-support/wheel-replacement-terms

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