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Finish: Race Silver


BMW E39 M5 Wheel Performance

The narrow 8” front wheels and 245 section tires along with a centerbore distinct from nearly all other BMW passenger cars make the stock E39 M5 wheels extremely limiting. Increasing the front wheel and tire width is one of the best ways to bring balance back to this classic chassis, but aftermarket wheels are difficult to find for the E39. Apex stepped up to produce E39 specific flow formed ARC-8 wheels in the optimal bore and fitment to allow owners of these classic M5s to drive them as they were built to be driven. The unique bore of this chassis and limited options do require some research beforehand. Be sure to consult our BMW E39 5 Series Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide prior to purchasing.

About the E39 M5

Widely regarded as the best M5 of all time, the E39 M5 rewrote the rule book for the super saloon when it first debuted in 1998. Sporting the all new S62 V8, the E39 M5 was the first in history to ditch the inline 6 for a torquey naturally aspirated V8. To cope with the added power and torque, engineers at BMW’s M division threw on a wider M specific set of wheels in a staggered configuration. While wider than the lower models in the line up, there’s still room for improvement!

What made the E39 M5 so special was its large use of aluminum in the design of its suspension components along with an intricate multilink rear suspension configuration. This was a first for the M5 model and helped to improve handling and reduce unsprung mass. In the engine department, BMW’s engineers utilized eight individual throttle bodies, a dual VANOS system, an aluminum block and heads, and a semi dry sump oil system. Mated to a hardy Getrag 6 speed manual transmission, the E39 M5 provides one of the rawest driving experiences of any mid sized super sedan.

What it's Like to Drive

The E39 M5 might just be the best all around car ever built. With a perfect blend of street comfort, raw NA power, and keen handling, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with this machine. The S62 V8 engine provides amazing throttle response with plenty of torque on tap even at low engine speeds. While not incredibly lightweight in its time, the E39 is now considered quite reasonable when compared to the massive cars coming out of Germany, with their crazy turbo charged engines and AWD systems.

In short, the E39 M5 is simply a perfectly balanced sports saloon that ticks every box. The only worthwhile improvement aside from some choice reliability mods would be a lightweight and wider set of E39 M5 wheels and tires to take the handling up a notch.

To learn more about this awesome car, checkout the article from Evo linked below: BMW E39 M5: review, history and specs

ARC-8 Specifications

Wheel Size
18x9.5" ET22
Face Profile
Profile 3
Bolt Pattern
Center Bore
Centering Ring
N/A Direct fit
Lug Seat
60 Degree Conical
Center Cap
Gloss Black
Load Rating
1,550 lbs
19.6 lbs
Tested By
Test Reference #
Front Profile

* Designed to fit BMW 5x120mm center caps

E39 Gallery

  • Black BMW M5 - ARC-8 in Anthracite
  • Black BMW M5 - ARC-8 in Anthracite

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ARC-8 Features

The Flow Form Advantage

Flow forming enables us to create high performance wheels without the price premium of forging. It improves the mechanical properties and grain structure of the barrel, increasing its strength and stiffness, which allows us to use less material and reduce weight. Thanks to our superior engineering, our flow formed wheels have a higher load rating than some competitors' forged wheels.

Big Brake Clearance

Big brakes often require bigger, heavier, more expensive wheels, which aren’t ideal in a performance environment. The ARC-8 accommodates many big brake kits, even with its classic deep-concave spokes. If you need more clearance, the forged ARC-8R or one of our curved spoke wheel designs has you covered.

Maximizing Concavity

We use the deepest concave face profiles we can for every application after factoring in critical clearances such as brake calipers. The ARC-8 utilizes 2 unique profiles to make this possible, with the deepest concave face delivering reduced weight and a stunningly aggressive appearance.

Weight Optimized

We conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to reinforce high-stress areas and to remove material where it didn’t improve strength. The result is a wheel that is exceptionally light without the strength compromises found on typical lightweight wheels.²

Built for Impact Sockets

Track wheels need track tools. Don’t settle for wheels that require undersized tuner lugs or thin walled sockets. All APEX wheels accommodate over-sized race lugs and impact sockets to make swapping wheels lightning fast.


Socket Diameter Clearance

Finishing Touches

The ARC-8 is finished using a multi-stage liquid paint over a powder coated base coat. This coating process leaves lug holes, center bores and mounting pads untouched, which ensures proper fit and torque values.

JWL and Beyond

All APEX Flow Formed wheels meet or meaningfully exceed JWL load rating requirements. Some manufacturers don't meet the minimum requirements, yet still claim to be compliant. Always compare load ratings to ensure you aren’t sacrificing critical strength for a slightly lighter wheel.

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True VIA

The VIA is an independent wheel testing and auditing agency similar to TÜV. Many companies falsely claim their wheels have been certified, and even use the VIA stamp without permission. Our Flow Formed wheels have been certified, and we provide the registration numbers for every wheel. Protect yourself. Demand registration numbers from manufacturers.

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Additional Features

Hub Centric

All ARC-8 wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications. Very few applications require centering rings.

Center Caps

All APEX wheels come with our gloss black cap included that is interchangeable with the OE cap. We also offer additional colors for select fitments.

Wheel Hardware

APEX wheels can be used with all OEM mounting hardware, proper aftermarket hardware and most wheel spacers. Wheel locks and stud conversion kits also work perfectly.


All APEX wheels accept OEM and aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and standard fit valve stems. If you don’t have sensors, then select from our metal stems available in multiple finishes.

ARC-8 Warranty

A Wheel You Can Depend On

All Apex Wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty against defects in workmanship and materials, plus a 1 year finish warranty. Exchanges are fast, easy, and hassle-free.
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Accidental Damage

Curb rash or pothole damage on the street? Make an oopsie at the track? We’ve all been there. APEX is proud to offer 50% off replacement wheels, no matter the damage.
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¹ All wheels compared with equivalent 18x10” ET25 5x120 fitment