BMW Wheels

BMW wheels have been at the core of Apex’s business since the very beginning. We started the company with the Flow Formed ARC-8 and have branched out to many other wheel designs all built around fitments with the widest possible tires for your BMW. Our BMW wheels have always been focused on increasing performance allowing owners to run the widest tires possible with zero or minimal modifications. Beyond just performance, customers have appreciated the style of our BMW wheel designs like the EC-7 and SM-10s. For drivers looking to maximize their BMW’s potential, our Forged EC-7RS, SM-10RS, and VS-5RS offer impressive weight savings and improved forged features at a competitive price point. Unlike nearly all of our competitors in the aftermarket BMW wheel space, Apex provides detailed fitment guides and resources along with 1 on 1 fitment and tire recommendations ensuring your next set of wheels will work with other modifications and be perfect for your BMW.