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Flow Formed Wheels

In the early days, APEX was known for one thing; high quality flow formed wheels at an incredibly reasonable price point. While we have delved deeply into the world of fully forged wheels in recent years, our flow-formed options still offer an incredible value within the APEX line up.

Benefiting from a barrel forming process similar to that of a fully forged wheel, flow forming allows the end user to receive a much stronger barrel structure without the high cost of forging. By using high pressure rollers to form the barrel, porosity of the aluminum is greatly decreased leading to an aligned grain structure. The result is a far superior resistance to bending forces or cracking over long term exposure to high forces and high loads.

While flow forming will lead to a stronger barrel vs traditional casting if everything else is held consistent, the actual wheel design still plays a major role in strength, brake clearance, and spoke stiffness. All of our flow formed wheel designs serve a unique and specialized purpose. The ARC-8, part of our flow-formed classic line, has become synonymous with the BMW tuner community for its exceptionally lightweight spec. The EC-7 on the other hand was created to go a step beyond the ARC-8 in brake clearance, while still keeping a classic motorsport style and reasonable weight figure. Stepping up a notch into our evolution line, you’ll find the flow formed SM-10 and the FL-5. These two models benefit from a reinforced inner lip to further resist bending forces, I-beam spokes to decrease weight, and knurled beading to prevent tire slip.

Regardless of your specific application, if you’re looking for a wheel that has it all at a reasonable price point, APEX flow formed wheels are the answer! The hardest part is choosing which design will look best on your car.

Flow Formed Evolution Line

Advanced engineering and beautifully crafted details make these wheels an ideal choice for anyone looking for high performance without a high price tag.

    Flow Formed Classic Line

    Timeless motorsport designs engineered to optimize weight and strength. Their incredible value makes them our most popular wheels.