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Classic Line

Flow Formed Wheels

Our flow formed classic wheels embody the core values that APEX was founded upon; creating an exceptionally lightweight and strong wheel at an affordable price point. Featuring classic motorsport design language, the ARC-8 and EC-7 can handle whatever you throw at them.

For those looking to minimize unsprung mass above all else, the ARC-8 is the lightest flow formed wheel design we offer. With an open hub center and performance oriented design, the ARC-8 was built with a priority placed on weight savings above all else. This design has become a staple in the BMW tuner community and is now synonymous with your classic BMW build. Long time fans of this design flock to the ARC-8 for its deep concavity in lower offset fitments and relish in the timeless look. Luckily for the Camaro enthusiasts, the ARC-8 goes just as well with the masculine styling of Chevrolets 5th and 6tth gen Camaro platforms. With the wide low offset sizes needed for those cars, enthusiasts receive a deep profile 3 concavity level in every fitment we offer.

The Flow Formed EC-7 was designed from the ground up with a focus on massive brake clearance. Through implementing three unique face profiles, the EC-7 is offered with the most concavity possible in each fitment. This provides optimized weight savings as well as an aggressive and purposeful appearance. This design provides a more modern look suiting newer chassis even better than the ARC-8. Looking well at home on BMWs, Mustangs, and Civic Type Rs alike, the EC-7 offers the inherent benefits of a split seven spoke design with great stiffness and impressive looks.

From wheel-to-wheel racing to canyon carving, our flow formed classic wheels serve as an impressive starting point within the APEX line up. Whether you are an experienced racer or simply want a high quality light weight wheel, the classic line offers unparalleled value.

    Wheels are a tool. Don't be afraid to use them.

    The ARC-8 and EC-7 make up our Flow Formed Classic line, and are top choices of grassroots racers and enthusiasts for over 10 years. For those who want timeless looks and raw performance without pricey extra features.