Mazda Miata Wheels

Mazda Miata wheels at Apex are lightweight, strong, and stylish. The legendary roadster has quite often been the standard for a great driving machine that focuses on dynamic and responsive handling over raw power. Most enthusiasts have at some point heard that the answer is in fact Miata. Even with the raw capabilities of the Miata in stock form, we believe that there is room for improvement. Our Mazda Miata wheels are intended for those who want to stuff as much tire under the fenders as they will allow. With popular Forged designs such as our VS-5RS and SM-10RS, our Mazda Miata wheels are certain to be an upgrade worth pursuing. Detailed fitment notes are available on our fitment guides and experts are standing by to help, making buying new wheels easier than ever.

  • NC Wheels

    MX-5 Models: 2.0i, 1.8i, Superlight 1.8i, Jota 2.0i