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Technical Discussion

Installing Our Metal Valve Stems

Article | 10/02/2015 by Brandon Kimbell

We often get calls from people saying they can't tighten their valve stems down all the way. This leaves the valve stem loose on the wheel, and of course, will not seal when a tire is mounted. The OE-style TPMS valve stems use a breakaway locking flange that must be broken when installed.

When installing, the valve stem may feel tight before it is fully seated. You must keep tightening until the locking flange breaks and allows the stem to be fully tightened to seal. Once broken, this flange acts as a thread locker to prevent the valve stem from loosening while driving. The installation torque spec is 35 in-lbs (4 Nm).

  • Wheel line: Flow Formed Classic Line
  • Wheel line: Flow Formed Evolution Line
  • Wheel line: Forged Classic Line
  • Wheel line: Forged Sprint Line
  • Wheel design: ARC-8
  • Wheel design: ARC-8R
  • Wheel design: EC-7
  • Wheel design: EC-7R
  • Wheel design: EC-7RS
  • Wheel design: FL-5
  • Wheel design: SM-10
  • Wheel design: SM-10RS
  • Wheel design: VS-5RS

Brandon Kimbell

Brandon is a Porsche Fitment Expert at APEX Wheels. Prior to joining APEX in 2022, he worked as Office Manager for a Porsche & Ferrari service and race shop, guiding customers in all areas – suspension, power, aesthetics, you-name-it. His first foray into racing came In college when he was asked to assist at a PCA club race. Says Brandon, “I figured if I am already making the drive, I might as well enter the HPDE happening at the same time.” He hasn't stopped since. Among the various cars he has owned and/or tracked are a ‘74 Corvette Convertible, ’74 Firebird Formula 400, ‘17 GTI, ‘07 Cayman S, and his current ride, a ‘12 Cayman R (BGB X51 pack 3.8L) with staggered APEX EC-7RS 18x9”ET46 & 18x10” ET36 in Motorsport Gold. Fun Fact: Brandon is a big fan of SIM racing, which he uses to learn about a new track he’s going to or get a refresher on a familiar track, as well as improve his racecraft.Have questions about wheels for your Porsche? Use our contact form and ask for Brandon.