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New Corvette Track Wheels from APEX Race Parts

Article | 10/01/2020 by Cory Smetzler

For years, Corvette drivers have wanted a better selection of lightweight, race-proven wheels at affordable prices. Whether it’s a narrowbody or widebody chassis, or specifically a spec Corvette race car, drivers have historically been forced to make a tough decision between paying an exorbitant amount of money for custom wheel solutions, or significantly compromising quality and performance with conservative, off-the-shelf options. We’re here to tell you, that has just changed!

APEX Race Parts now offers the flow formed wheels you need, at prices you can afford: the EC-7 and SM-10 design in Corvette fitments. APEX has been supporting racers for over 13 year now, and every wheel is engineered to tackle the unique challenges that weekend track warriors and wheel to wheel racers face. These two wheel designs are no exception.

For C6 and C7 widebody applications, 18” and 19” wheels up to 12.5” wide was developed to ensure drivers have the sidewall support needed to accommodate popular 335 and 345mm rear tires. Leveraging laser scanning and exhaustive on-car fitment testing sessions, APEX engineers optimized the barrel shape and spoke curvature of the SM-10 design allowing both the 18” and 19” diameters to clear the massive factory carbon ceramic 394/390mm brakes, as well as a variety of popular aftermarket BBK’s like the noteworthy Essex AP Racing Radi-CAL 372mm brake kit.

For C5 - C7 narrowbody applications, 18” and 19” wheels are available up to 11” wide in our EC-7 design, and for spec Corvette race cars, we perfected offsets on an 18×11” rotatable square fitment to best accommodate the spec 315/30-18 Nankang NS-2R tire.

For a full list of widebody and narrowbody wheel sizes and offsets, check out the list at the bottom of the page.

Exhaustive laser and fitment testing ensured these wheels clear factory carbon brakes and aftermarket kits too.

Here are just a few of the features that set our new Corvette race wheels apart:

– Multiple chassis-specific widths and offsets for widebody, narrowbody, and spec Corvette to optimize performance and support popular track/race tire compounds. – Wheel designs and spoke curvatures based on in-depth studies of each chassis, and numerous laser scans of factory brakes. – Ability to clear all factory brakes including carbon ceramics, as well as a variety of popular aftermarket kits. – Knurled beading on widebody and spec Corvette fitments to reduce unwanted tire slippage. – True VIA Certification and independent testing with load ratings that exceed JWL requirements by over 20%. – Designed to accommodate oversized race hardware and impact sockets to make swapping wheels lightning fast. – Corvette specific 5×4.75” bolt pattern and 70.3mm hub bore for a hub-centric fitment. – Designed to accept OEM C6/C7 center caps and factory wheel hardware. – Stocked on the shelves in healthy quantities to ensure you have wheels when you need them most


These wheels are covered under APEX’s famous no-questions-asked wheel replacement policy. If you damage a wheel in any way, such as curb rash, off-track excursions, potholes, or berms, you only pay 50% of the replacement cost. See full terms and conditions for details.


These wheels are now available on discounted pre-order on our website, shop here for both Narrowbody and Widebody fitments.

This launch is the first of many for Corvette drivers who want durable, affordable, track-proven wheels. APEX is in full development of other Corvette-specific designs, both flow formed and forged.


Front 18x10" ET30 - 22.3lbs 18×11” ET38 - 23.0 lbs 19×11” ET38 - 24.5 lbs

Rear 18×12.5” ET52 - 23.6 lbs 19×12.5” ET55 - 25.8 lbs


Front 18×10” ET58 - 22.1 lbs

Front/Rear 18×11” ET57 - 24.7 lbs

Rear 19×11” ET78 - 24.6 lbs

Corvette Gallery

  • Red Chevrolet Corvette - SM-10 in Anthracite
  • Blue Chevrolet Corvette - VS-5RS in Satin Black
  • Black Chevrolet Corvette - SM-10RS in Satin Bronze
  • Yellow Chevrolet Corvette - VS-5RS in Brushed Clear
  • Blue Chevrolet Corvette - VS-5RS in Anthracite
  • Orange Chevrolet Corvette - VS-5RS in Satin Black
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  • Chevrolet, Corvette
  • Wheel design: SM-10
  • Wheel diameter: 18"
  • Wheel diameter: 19"
  • Wheel line: Flow Formed Evolution Line
  • Wheel design: EC-7
  • Wheel line: Flow Formed Classic Line

Cory Smetzler

Cory has been Domestic Fitment Expert at APEX since 2018, helping owners figure out the proper wheel fitments for their Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Challenger, Charger, Cadillac, and Tesla vehicles. Prior to joining APEX, he worked as Service Advisor at an automotive performance shop. Never one to sit at a car show, Cory has had a lifelong passion for performance driving. His extensive track experience began with HPDEs in 2015. He soon got the itch to start competing in time trials, which he has been doing ever since. Among the cars he has tracked are three Mustang GTs (2005, 2006, 2011), a 2016 Fiesta ST, and his current ride, a 2010 Corvette Grand Sport with APEX SM-10RS wheels. Fun Fact: Apparently Cory’s love of speed isn’t limited to the racetrack; after not training at all, he recently ran a 5K and placed 7th out of 210 competitors.

Have questions about wheels for your domestic vehicle? Use our contact form and ask for Cory