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Chevrolet Spec Corvette Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide

Originally published | 03/29/2023
Updated | 06/15/2024

Looking for an edge over the competition in your 1997-2004 Spec Corvette? You'll find exactly what you need to do here in our C5 Spec Corvette Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide. All of our wheels are compliant with the rules and weight minimums. The VS-5RS and SM-10RS are the lightest legal options on the market, coming in right at 20lbs. Browse through options available in our Forged wheels such as the VS-5RS and SM-10RS, or take a look at our Flow Formed wheels like the SM-10.

Spec Corvette is a racing series that promotes equal competition between drivers utilizing the 1997-2004 C5 Corvette platform. Base, FRC and Z06 models are all eligible.

A spec series or "one-make" series is based on a designated make/model vehicle and requires all drivers to prepare them in accordance to a predetermined set of rules. A field of identical race cars puts an emphasis on driver skill and team preparation, and with costs controlled more drivers can afford to get behind the wheel. This is some of the most exciting and competitive racing out there!

Whether you currently race in Spec Corvette, plan to join in the future, or you intend to modify your weekend track car in parity with the rulebook so you can accurately compare lap times to racers, any C5 owner can run this approved wheel and tire configuration. In regards to wheels and tires, official rulebook states:

  • Wheels must be 18" diameter and a minimum 10" width and maximum 11" width on all four corners and each must weigh 20 lbs. minimum
  • All vehicles must run the series specific tire - Nankang NS2R
  • Click here to view the complete rulebook

Available Wheel Designs

Bolt Pattern


Center Bore


Lug Seat

60° Conical

Thread Pitch


Spec Race Wheel Fitment

  • Yellow Chevrolet Corvette - EC-7 in Satin Black
  • Yellow Chevrolet Corvette - VS-5RS in Brushed Clear


  • Front Wheel Size: 18x11" ET57
  •  Rear Wheel Size: 18x11" ET57
    • Available in: EC-7, SM-10, VS-5RS, SM-10RS, VS-5RE, SM-10RE
      • VS-5RS in Brushed Clear does not meet the minimum weight restriction as it comes in at 19.9lbs, however all other finishes do and are legal to run.


  • Front Tire Size: 315/30-18
  • Rear Tire Size: 315/30-18 
    • Nankang NS-2R

Additional Resources

Brake Clearance Information

In the engineering phase of wheel development we 3D scan factory brakes and review 2D aftermarket brake templates in order to optimize our barrel profiles and spoke curvatures. As a result, our wheels offer massive brake clearance so you can run the smallest possible wheel diameter.

These wheels do of course clear the Spec Wilwood Kit.

Click here to download our master brake clearance table

Whether you are a casual weekend track warrior that still enjoys your car on the street, or a hard core racer competing for a spot on the podium, negative camber is a vital part of chassis setup that has many benefits. Not only will adding negative camber create more room for wider wheel and tire configurations, it more importantly improves handling, turn-in and tire longevity. Learn more in our blog article, The Positives of Negative Camber.

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