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Chevrolet C8 Corvette Widebody Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide

Originally published | 11/16/2023
Updated | 11/22/2023

Vehicles Covered in this Guide

2023 - Present Chevrolet Corvette Z06 & E-Ray

Available Wheel Designs

Forged Designs

Bolt Pattern


Center Bore


Lug Seat

60° Conical

Thread Pitch


Hardcore Track Wheel Fitment

Track focused fitments that require significant modifications

These wheel and tire configurations are best suited for hardcore track junkies and club racers that prioritize performance above all else. With these wheels everything from extreme summer tires to full racing slicks are commonly used depending on your experience behind the wheel, class rules, etc.

Additional negative camber is strongly encouraged to maximize performance and tire longevity, and some of the more aggressive fitments will absolutely require it to prevent rubbing under suspension compression. Even with the appropriate amount of negative camber dialed in, some of the more extreme fitments can still scrub the liners under suspension compression and/or when turning the steering wheel to full lock. This is par for the course when pushing the limits of wheel and tire fitment. These fitments are not for someone who primarily will use this wheel setup on the street or in inclement weather.


Front: 19x11" ET28 // Rear: 19x13.25" ET30

  • Available in: VS-5RS
  • Track alingment required
  • -3° front, -2.5° rear recommended as starting point for camber


APEX Staff Pick: Front 295/30-19 // Rear 345/30-19

  • Extreme Performance Summer: Continental Extreme Force (200 TW), Michelin Cup2 240 Connect (240 TW)
  • R-Compound: Toyo R888R (100 TW)
  • Semi-Slicks: Hoosier R7 (40 TW), Hoosier A7 (40 TW), Toyo RR (40 TW)

Additional Resources

Brake Clearance Information

In the engineering phase of wheel development we 3D scan factory brakes and review 2D aftermarket brake templates in order to optimize our barrel profiles and spoke curvatures. As a result, our wheels offer massive brake clearance for all OEM and most aftermarket kits so you can run the smallest possible wheel diameter. Please contact us if you have a specific aftermarket kit you plan to use.

*These wheels do clear the Z07 carbon brakes*

Whether you are a casual weekend track warrior that still enjoys your car on the street, or a hard core racer competing for a spot on the podium, negative camber is a vital part of chassis setup that has many benefits. Not only will adding negative camber create more room for wider wheel and tire configurations, it more importantly improves handling, turn-in and tire longevity. Learn more in our blog article, The Positives of Negative Camber.

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