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BMW E30 3 Series Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide

Originally published | 11/19/2018
Updated | 09/21/2023

Vehicles Covered in this Guide All years and models of 4-lug 2WD E30 coupes, sedans, convertibles, and touring. This guide excludes the E30 M3 and 325ix models. Fitment between all other 2WD E30 models is identical.

Chassis Introduction Throughout history, the E30 has always been a popular choice for track enthusiasts. Its simplicity and versatility makes it an excellent choice for pretty much any type of use case. The first wheel we ever made was the ARC-8 for the E30 M3, made specifically to fit perfectly, be lightweight, and clear big brake kits. To this day our philosophy remains the same. We produce two 4x100 wheels for the E30, the 17x8" ET25 and 17x8.5" ET20.

Available Wheel Designs

Flow Formed Designs

Bolt Pattern




Lug Seat

60° Conical

Lug Thread Pitch


OEM+ Wheel Fitment

Easy upgrades for street-driven cars

  • Blue BMW 3 Series - ARC-8 in Hyper Silver
  • Black BMW 3 Series - ARC-8 in Hyper Silver
  • Grey BMW 3 Series - ARC-8 in Hyper Silver

For most street or track applications, we recommend this wheel. This is the non-concave version of the ARC-8, and is a direct bolt-on fitment with no modifications required.

Square Setup Recommended for most types of street and performance driving. Allows proper front-to-rear tire rotation to extend tire life & improve handling balance.

  • Front & Rear: 17x8" ET25 with 215/40-17
    • Available in ARC-8 design only.
    • Popular fitment.
    • Direct fit with no spacers or modifications required.
    • 235/40-17 tires can also be used with front negative camber and rear rolled fenders.

Aggressive Street Wheel Fitment

Aggressive fitments focused on appearance and concavity

This fitment prioritizes concavity and aesthetics above all. It will require 5mm spacers up front in order to clear OEM brakes (and most aftermarket BBKs). Certain aftermarket BBKs with thicker calipers than the stock brakes may require thicker spacers and hub extenders for brake clearance. In addition, quite a bit of negative camber will be required front and rear in order to avoid rubbing the fenders. This fitment is not recommended if you're looking for a direct bolt-on setup.

Square Setup

  • Front & Rear: 17x8.5" ET20 with 215/40-17 tires
    • Available in ARC-8 design only.
    • Requires front negative camber.
    • Requires 5mm front spacers for brake clearance.
    • Requires rolled rear fenders to prevent rubbing.
    • 235/40-17 tires can also be used, but more negative camber will be required.

Additional Resources

About Camber Plates

Adjustable camber plates do more than just aid in wide wheel and tire fitment. They provide increased grip and reduced tire wear by spreading the load evenly during cornering. Learn more in our blog article, The Positives of Negative Camber.

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