MSI Racing 52mm M14x1.5 Porsche Bullet Nose Wheel Stud Kit


MSI Racing Porsche Stud Kits

This kit includes 20 bullet nose studs and 20 R14 ball seat lug nuts. Install kit sold separately. Studs and nuts can also be purchased individually.

MSI Racing Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts

Wheel Studs MSI's wheel stud/lugnut combination has consistently proven to be the quickest way off pit road. MSI's product line has evolved as a result of direct input from many of NASCAR's leading teams. Understanding the needs of the NASCAR community and offering flexibility is what has set MSI apart from other manufacturers. In addition to our proven NASCAR product line, MSI Racing Products has been producing Metric Styled wheel studs to meet the ever growing needs of sports car racing and after market wheels. Our products are currently being used in IMSA, World Challenge, SCCA, NASA, & other forms of professional and club racing. Whether it's a large batch order or a small custom run, MSI Racing Products can accommodate to your team's particular needs. Lug Nuts For over fifteen years, MSI Racing Products has provided lugnuts that have become the leading standard for performance in the NASCAR industry. Our lugnuts are machined with the strictest of tolerances that assure minimum chamfer to thread run out. Our custom baked-on yellow coating provides quick and consistent torque values providing high visibility for your pit crew. Available 5/8ths fine or 5/8ths coarse. Other custom colors are available upon request. In addition to our NASCAR style lugnuts, we also offer a growing host of Metric dimensioned lugnuts suited for an increasingly large field of alternative automotive needs. All of our lugnuts are available in either fine or coarse threads. Available in yellow or black coatings. Custom colors available upon request. Contact us for ordering information or custom sizes.