APEX 75mm M14x1.5 VW/Audi 5 Lug Hex Head Wheel Stud Kit


About Our Stud Kits

Our APEX VW/Audi wheel stud kit is the perfect upgrade for any set of performance wheels. The studs feature a 5mm hex head for easier install. Use this kit to convert your VW or Audi from inconvenient lug bolts to stronger and safer wheel studs. These can be used with or without spacers, and are easy to install. This kit includes 20 hex head studs and 20 R13 ball seat lug nuts. Install kit sold separately. Studs and nuts can also be purchased individually. Click Here for installation instructions.

Benefits of a Wheel Stud Conversion Kit

Try and find a VW/Audi race car that hasn't converted to wheel studs yet with a stud conversion kit. They're stronger, safer, and improve pit stop times significantly. For non race cars, stud conversions still make wheel installation and removal much easier as you no longer have to line up the holes in your wheels, spacers, and hubs before hand threading a single lug bolt through. Simply slide the wheel onto the studs, and let go. With lugs, an unsupported wheel will slip off the hub lip and fall onto the ground. With studs, there is enough length to float the wheel in place and in proper alignment. Sitting on the ground with your feet under the car, and supporting the wheel with your feet while you try and line everything up is a thing of the past. Extended length wheel studs like these allow for a range of spacers to be used without any additional modification. You can easily use up to 12mm spacers with our 75mm studs. This kit can be used without spacers just as easily. Why own a bucket full of lugs when a single set of studs can do it all? By remaining installed, studs will put less wear on the threads of your hubs. They guarantee there is enough thread engagement, as you can see how many threads were engaged during install. Wheel studs replace your OEM lug bolts by simply threading into your car's hub. Once installed they do not need to be removed when changing or removing wheels. Only the lug nuts are removed similar to many domestic and import vehicles.

APEX Stud Kit Specifications

  • APEX Wheel studs are manufactured by an TUV certified OEM supplier in Europe
  • 75mm length allows for the use of spacers up to 12mm in thickness safely, or no spacer at all, without making any hardware changes
  • Stud tip includes a 5mm hex to allow for faster installation. Install kit including 5mm allen wrench and red thread locker sold separately.
  • Studs are 10.9 grade and cold forged from steel wire
  • Studs and nuts are M14x1.5mm thread with a ball seat identical to OEM VW/Audi hardware
  • Studs are black zinc plated, while the nuts are available in both black and silver zinc plating