APEX Porsche Wheel Spacers

Finish: Black


NOTE: All spacers are sold in pairs

APEX Porsche Spacer Kit

Improved Stability & Handling | Additional Wheel Clearance | Enhanced Aesthetics

Bolt Pattern 5x130mm
Center Bore 71.6mm
Hubcentric? Yes
Available Thicknesses 3 & 5mm
Construction CNC Machined
Material 6061-T6 Aluminum
Identification Laser Engraved
Finish Anodized
Available Colors Black, Silver

Application List

APEX Porsche Wheel Spacer Kits work with any Porsche with 5x130 bolt pattern wheels listed below.

ModelChassis / Generation
911 993
911 996
911 997
911 991
Boxster 986
Boxster / Cayman 987
Boxster / Cayman 981
Boxster / Cayman 718

WARNING - Wheel spacers are not intended to be stacked and doing so may result in damage or injury. Proper length extended hardware MUST be used in conjunction with wheel spacers.


Add Some Breathing Room

Make space for your mods. You can’t have your wheels and tires rubbing on your suspension. Use wheels spacers to add enough clearance. There’s only one direction to go and that’s out.

Clear Your Brakes

Not every wheel was destined to fit over your brakes. Give them a hand with wheel spacers to add the clearance necessary for those spokes to spin freely.

Fill Your Fenders

Adequate clearance is a good thing, but excessive gap just doesn’t look right. Get your wheels flush with your fenders using APEX wheel spacers. Available in a wide variety of sizes to allow you to precisely dial in your fitment.

Hardware Required...But Optional

Extended wheel hardware is required for spacers, but if you already own studs or lugs, you shouldn’t be required to purchase hardware with spacers. APEX wheel spacers can be purchased separately from extended hardware so the choice is up to you. Buy them on their own or pair them up with a stud kit or extended lugs.

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Stuck Spacers Suck

Say that 10 times fast. Save yourself from the headache. If you’ve owned spacers before, you’ve likely had one seized onto the hub. Instead of using a mallet to free it, utilize a tool meant for removal— a pry bar or screwdriver. We’ve added machined pry points around the spacer’s edge, making even the most seized spacers a breeze to remove.

Stand Out by Blending In

You’ve worked hard on the color scheme and coordination of your car and modifications. Spacers should not be any exception. They are meant to push wheels out, not stand out on their own. Available in two finishes— Black and Silver. Pick the one that compliments your ride.

Stout Construction. Unwavering Dependability.

For us, safety is paramount and to create a reliable, trustworthy spacer and relationship with the customer. We're passionate about racing, and would accept nothing less for ourselves. Without question we had to utilize the best materials and employ military-grade construction methods. We ended up with a CNC machined, 6061-T6 Aluminum spacer with carefully chamfered edges, eliminated stress-risers, and appropriately lightweight design without sacrificing rigidity or surface area.

Instantly Identifiable

Remember trying to solve mystery of identifying spacers either on the car or as they sit loose inside of our tool boxes or parts pins? We do too. What started as scrawling numbers with a screwdriver evolved into clean, legible, laser-engraved size and measurement information on the spacer face and edges.

No, Your Car Isn't Supposed to Shake

At the end of the day, spacers are useless if they vibrate. We’re so confident in our spacers that if they cause any sort of vibrations or shakes, we’ll replace them. Simple as that.