APEX Wheel Lug Bolts

Finish: Black


Freshen up your existing lug bolts or get extended sizes for use with spacers.

M12x1.5mm, M14x1.25mm, & M14x1.5mm options for BMW, Porsche & VW

NOTE: The price shown is for a single lug bolt only. Please select the appropriate quantity needed for your application.

Available Sizes

Thread PitchThread LengthUse WithAvailable Finishes
M12x1.5mm 25mm No spacers - stock length Black, Silver
M12x1.5mm 28mm 3mm spacers Black
M12x1.5mm 29mm 4mm spacers Black
M12x1.5mm 30mm 5mm spacers Black, Silver
M12x1.5mm 35mm 10mm spacers Black
M12x1.5mm 37mm 12mm spacers Black, Silver
M12x1.5mm 40mm 15mm spacers Black, Silver
M12x1.5mm 43mm 18mm spacers Black
M12x1.5mm 45mm 20mm spacers Black, Silver
M12x1.5mm 48mm 23mm spacers Black
M12x1.5mm 50mm 25mm spacers Black
M12x1.5mm 60mm 35mm spacers Black
M14x1.25mm 28mm No spacers - stock length Black, Silver
M14x1.25mm 31mm 3mm spacers Black
M14x1.25mm 33mm 5mm spacers Black, Silver
M14x1.25mm 38mm 10mm spacers Black
M14x1.25mm 40mm 12mm spacers Black, Silver
M14x1.25mm 43mm 15mm spacers Black, Silver
M14x1.25mm 48mm 20mm spacers Black, Silver
M14x1.25mm 50mm 22mm spacers Black

Application List

Use the drop downs below to select your vehicle and determine the right thread pitch to order.

BMW Applications