APEX Aluminum Wheel Centering Rings for Aston Martin - Set of 4


Fitment Information

APEX aluminum hub centric rings have an inner diameter of 68.1mm and outer diameter of 70.5mm, and are specifically made for the Aston Martin Vantage in order to be compatible with APEX Mustang wheels.

  • Aston Martin Vantage center bore requirement: 68.1mm
  • APEX Mustang wheels center bore: 70.5mm

What are Hub Centric Rings, and Why do I Need Them?

Hub centric rings (or centering rings) are small rings traditionally made of aluminum or plastic which sit in between the vehicle's hub and the wheel center bore to fill a gap. The rings ensure wheels with a larger centerbore are properly centered to your vehicles hub, eliminating the chance of vibration. Centering rings are required for all Aston Martin Vantage V8 and V12 using APEX Mustang wheels.

Installing Hub Centric Rings

Installing APEX hub centric rings is very easy, and does not require special tools. After ensuring your vehicles hub is clean and free from surface rust or debris, simply slide the rings onto your vehicle's naked hub. From here you may use the standard wheel installation process per your vehicles manual. Slide your APEX Mustang wheels onto the hub, followed by hand tightening your lugs in a star pattern. Once the wheel is secured evenly to the hub and the vehicle is sitting on the ground, apply the proper torque specifications to your lugs in a star pattern.


Brand APEX
Outer Diameter (Wheel Bore Size) 70.5mm
Inner Diameter (Hub Bore Size) 68.1mm