Race Silver APEX FL-5 wheel on BMW

APEX FL-5 Wheels

Deep lip design, uncompromised brake clearance

Part of the Flow Formed Evolution Line, the APEX FL-5 has been engineered to optimize weight and strength in a striking, deep-lip design.

  • Deep Lip Design with Uncompromised Brake Clearance
  • Dual Flow Formed for Superior Strength
  • I-Beam Spokes for Reduced Weight
  • Independently Tested and Certified
  • Unmatched Replacement Program
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

As close as you can get to forged. Without paying the premium.

The FL-5 is part of our Flow Formed Evolution line, with features typically only found on higher-end forged wheels. For those who need a superior wheel, but don’t have the budget for forged.


Flow form wheel manufacturing process with torch flame applied

Dual Flow Formed

The FL-5 is our only wheel to feature dual flow forming. This means both the barrel and the front outer lip are formed using high-pressure rollers to improve their mechanical properties and maximize strength and stiffness. It allows us to use less material and reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Macro shot of APEX FL-5 showing "I" Beam Spokes

"I" Beam Spokes

One of the most prominent features of the FL-5 is its advanced "I"-beam spoke machining. Any excess material that doesn’t add strength is carved out from the sides of the spokes using a precision CNC ball cutter. This process is often deemed cost-prohibitive by others, but for performance without compromise we believe it's essential.

CGI showing comparison of Standard vs Reinforced APEX Wheels inner lip

Bigger, Tougher Inner Lip

The inner lip is the most vulnerable part of a wheel because it has no spokes for support. Our Flow Formed Evolution line adds more material to this high-impact area as an extra layer of protection against track berms, potholes, and whatever else the road may throw at you.

Big Brake Clearance

Wheels with a lip are notorious for having terrible multi-piston caliper clearance. The FL-5’s curved spokes were designed based on countless factory and aftermarket brake models. The spokes wrap around most calipers without sacrificing the FL-5's beautiful lip.

Engineer executing FEA test on APEX ARC-8 Wheel

Weight Optimized

We conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to reinforce high-stress areas and to remove material where it didn’t improve strength. The result is a wheel that is exceptionally light without the strength compromises found on typical lightweight wheels.²

Dewalt impact gun torquing lug bolts on APEX VS-5RS wheel

Built for Impact Sockets

Track wheels need track tools. Don’t settle for wheels that require undersized tuner lugs or thin walled sockets. All APEX wheels accommodate over-sized race lugs and impact sockets to make swapping wheels lightning fast.


Socket Diameter Clearance

Macro shot of APEX ARC-8 wheel pocket with APEX Wheels center cap

Finishing Touches

The FL-5 is finished using a multi-stage liquid paint over a powder coated base coat. This coating process leaves lug holes, center bores and mounting pads untouched, which ensures proper fit and torque values.

Macro shot of JWL & VIA stamp on APEX ARC-8 wheel

JWL and Beyond

All APEX Flow Formed wheels meet or meaningfully exceed JWL load rating requirements. Some manufacturers don't meet the minimum requirements, yet still claim to be compliant. Always compare load ratings to ensure you aren’t sacrificing critical strength for a slightly lighter wheel.

Official VIA test report document from Japan

True VIA

The VIA is an independent wheel testing and auditing agency similar to TÜV. Many companies falsely claim their wheels have been certified, and even use the VIA stamp without permission. Our Flow Formed wheels have been certified, and we provide the registration numbers for every wheel. Protect yourself. Demand registration numbers from manufacturers.

Additional Features

Digital caliper measuring inner hub of APEX wheel

Hub Centric

All FL-5 wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications. Very few applications require centering rings.

OEM BMW center cap on APEX wheel

Center Caps

All APEX wheels come with our gloss black cap included that is interchangeable with the OE cap. We also offer additional colors for select fitments.

Loctite applied to APEX wheel studs

Wheel Hardware

APEX wheels can be used with all OEM mounting hardware, proper aftermarket hardware and most wheel spacers. Wheel locks and stud conversion kits also work perfectly.

OEM TPMS sensor installed on APEX wheel


All APEX wheels accept OEM and aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and standard fit valve stems. If you don’t have sensors, then select from our metal stems available in multiple finishes.

A Wheel You Can Depend On

All APEX wheels come with a lifetime structural warranty against defects in workmanship and materials, plus a 1 year finish warranty. Exchanges are fast, easy, and hassle-free.
See terms and conditions.

Accidental Damage

Curb rash or pothole damage on the street? Make an oopsie at the track? We’ve all been there. APEX is proud to offer 50% off replacement wheels, no matter the damage.
See terms and conditions.

Brake Caliper measuring distance from wheel spokes

A Fitment For You

We’ve tirelessly test-fitted hundreds of setup combinations in order to provide direct-fit, spacer-free wheel packages for everything from showroom-fresh cars to all-out race builds. Our detailed fitment guides help you avoid costly trial-and-error and walk you through every step of finding your perfect setup.

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Forged Sprint™ Line Flow Formed Evolution Line Flow Formed Classic Line
Manufacturing Forged Flow Formed Flow Formed
Price $649 $444 Starts at $369
Weight (lbs)¹ VS-5RS: 18.20 | EC-7RS: 18.80 FL-5: 20.00 | SM-10: 20.00 ARC-8: 18.85 | EC-7: 21.70
Load Rating (lbs) 1600 1550 1550
Side-milled Spokes
Inner Lip SprintSpec™ Reinforced Standard
Independently Tested
Brake Clearance Maximum High High²
Knurled Bead Unpainted Painted³
Premium Finishes

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¹ All wheels compared with equivalent 18x9.5” ET35 5x120 fitment, rounded to the nearest hundredth place.

² Except first generation ARC-8, which are being phased out.

³ Except BMW 18” wheels.